Rational Decision


The Rational Decision Making Helper

A tool to calculate rational decisions

With our tool we want to support you to make a rational decision. You can compare alternatives, score their advantages and disadvanteges and calculate a result.

You can add things you want to consider or modify existing elements.

This tool only can be an assistance, of course. We want to help you to reflect your decision making. The result depends on your inputs. You are responsible for your decision, you have to decide.

For understanding the principle you should have a look at the tutorial. (card: "Heads or tails")

You can have a look at a deduction for a rational decision regarding the corona vaccination with a click on the second card. (card: "Covid-19")

You can also conceive something completey new. (card: "own decision tree")

Have fun!

Heads or Tails?


A little tutorial for understanding the tool


Should I get vaccinated?

Decision guidance with simple decision tree

Own decision tree

What should I do?

Create an own decision tree without presettings.